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Midi recording with TD-20

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  • Midi recording with TD-20


    I have a new UMC204 interface attached to a Macbook pro (MacOs Mojave) and am trying to record my Roland TD-20 via midi, to my DAW (PreSonus Studio One 2) w Superior drummer 3. The problem I am having is that I cant monitor due to the latency. The Midi notes arrive on time, but the audio back out thru the UMC204 is off enough to cause confusion and so we are unable to monitor the drums live while recording.

    has anyone encountered this and found a solution?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank You
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    Try lowering the buffer size in the audio interface settings. If that creates overload on the system, one possible workaround is to feed the audio output from the module to the soundcard. Other one is to monitor from the module while looping back to the mix-in whatever backing music you're playing to.
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