I finally got the PC connected back to the module, and I didn't feel dealing with my big old junk of a soundcard.

On my main computer, I have been using the NuPrime uDSD as a DAC to handle hirez audio.

I was wondering how it would do with a VST.
and I'm glad I tried!

Works superb. Super clean nice sound, and when set at Min Latency in the NuPrime ASIO window (which is 32 or 64 samples, I forgot), it feels fast enough. No pops, just clean sounds.

The beauty is that you can also run an audio app along on the same unit, so it's ideal for play-along without firing a full on DAW.

So, here you go.. another option for good minimum latency sounds... plus, it's hifi performance is quite good as well. Much better than most sub-$1000 pro audio cards out there.

Check it out if you only need sound, and at $180, it's pretty reasonable for a DSD capable DAC.