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TD-25 Window 10 Device Driver Question

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  • TD-25 Window 10 Device Driver Question

    Based on the helpful recommendations I have received on this forum, I went ahead and downloaded the Reaper DAW and am beginning to set it up so I can start recording my TD-25 KV kit.

    I currently have ASIO4ALL set as the audio device driver in Reaper. I am running Reaper on an HP running Windows 10. I note on the Roland support site that they have a TD-25 Device driver for windows 10 and that it will download automatically when I connect the computer to the TD-25. So here is the question, and it may be kind of dumb: Will the software automatically load if the TD-25 sound module is turned on and the computer is connected via the USB cable, or do I need to physically do something else? When I go back into Reaper should I see the driver in the drop-down if the download was successful?

    I am assuming the Roland Window 10 driver is probably preferable to the ASIO4ALL which is generic. Is that a good assumption?

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    So yes as soon as you turn the td25 on the driver will become active and will be available in Reaper. Just make sure you turn it on before opening reaper. Hard to say which will be the best to use as an audio interface. ASIO4ALL can actually give lower latency than some manufacturers own drivers. You will also get the choose to use ASIO4ALL driver for the td25 as well. Only thing I have found is that a PCs onboard sound can be a bit soft and noisier. Give it a go and use what will give you the lowest latency and best sound quality. Remember to open the control panel app that plugging the td25 creates and drop the buffer to the lowest setting if your pc allows it. Same goes for ASIO4ALL except this driver is in right hand windows app box
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      Thanks for the quick reply, MKOK!

      I'm on it.