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Recording and filming gear for TD-11kv

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  • Recording and filming gear for TD-11kv

    Hi all,

    Recently, I started thinking of recording and filming myself playing my TD-11KV. I've seen many discussions in this forum regarding the different possibilities of recording and filming at the same time. I do not want to record video and audio separately and editing afterwards. Also, currently I don't want to buy a camera as my main goal is to create covers for instagram and maybe youtube.
    My intention is to record videos with my iPhone.

    So here is the deal, as the title says I own a TD-11KV, I'm very happy with the sound of the kit but at the same time I realize it's not the best one (in terms of sound quality). Sound quality is very important for me. I'm familiar with iRig and Roland go mixer, but from several videos I watched I'm not sure the sound quality is the best on either. Does anyone have a TD-11KV (another model will be good too) recorded with Roland go mixer?

    What about any other USB audio interface? such as the Mackie onyx blackjack or maybe Focusrite scarlett? does it work like the go mixer in terms of connecting to iPhone and start recording?

    I'm pretty new to recording and filming vdrums so any suggestions and recommendations would be highly appreciated.

    my budget is up to 100$.