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    Hi guys. For a while I've been recording my TD9 into my ZOOM Q3HD line-in and it works fine. The chain is TD9 > Behringer UCA 222 > FiiO portable headphone amp > Zoom Q3 HD. Phone connects to UCA 222 as well when I play to backing tracks.

    I'm now thinking about recording with being able to mix the individual kit voices afterwards, and wondered how this would be done. I have a Presonus 1818vsl audio interface and Studio One DAW which I use for recording and mixing my acoustic kit. Maybe I could use these for recording the TD9 into my laptop.

    How should I connect to be able to assign each kit voice to its own channel, is that possible?

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    Record the MIDI. Then play the MIDI back into the module, recording the audio, soloing the tracks you want to record.
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      Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
      Record the MIDI. Then play the MIDI back into the module, recording the audio, soloing the tracks you want to record.
      Ah, thanks. Yes I kind of thought that I might need to do MIDI. I've no experience of MIDI. I'm sorry though, I'm probably being dense but I don't understand your instructions, I could use more detail. What I want to do is connect the vdrums to my laptop and play/record them along with a backing track, and then be able to mix the individual drums (kick, snare, toms, cymbals, hihat) and song afterwards like I do with acoustic drums.
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        I'm completely new to recording E drums, I'm interested as well!
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          Hi Jon

          The beauty of recording with an E kit is the simplicity.

          I don't use and midi stuff. I just record straight from the module output into an interface (Zoom r16) then into the computer (Mac/ Garageband)

          There are other methods (midi) if you want to trigger sounds stored on your computer but I'm completely happy with what comes from my TD20


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            The TD9 only has 2 outputs. It is much easier to record MIDI and play it through VST software. You can also run the MIDI back into your TD 9 and record 1 drum at a time.It will play all the drums so you will have to mute them all except the one you want to record.
            I would look at VST software instead.


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              Since you said you were using Studio One, one thing that you can do after recording the MIDI from your drum module is to use "Explode Pitches to Tracks" in Studio One which will give you separate MIDI tracks for each piece of the kit.