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Recording My Ipod With The TD11KV

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  • Recording My Ipod With The TD11KV

    First let me say I UTFSE and I'm even more confused than ever. I'm a simple drummer...not very tech savvy. Also I'm really just a hobby drummer...I'm not looking to record a band. I just want to be able to record my performances with the drumless music I've purchased and downloaded to my ipod.

    My equipment is as follows: Roland TD11-KV melded with a Yamaha DTXpress drum kit both of which are connected to my Mackie 5-channel mixer. I also have a Berhinger AMP800 headphone amp. I have them connected like this. Yamaha goes from mono (L) output into the mixer an channel one, The Roland goes from stereo outs (R&L) into the mixer on channels 2&3, my ipod is connected to the mixer on channels 4&5. The main outs from the mixer go to my Simmons DA200s amp. I go from the headphone jack on the mixer into the headphone amp and plug my ATH-m50x cans into that. The reason I use the headphone amp is because sometimes my wife or kids want to sit down and listen to the music while I'm playing and I don't have to crank up the amp to overcome the tippity-tap of the sticks on the pads.

    I do not have a computer or laptop...just an old ipad that I use for surfing the net at home. I know I need to buy some equipment to accomplish what I want to do and I'm willing to throw a little money into it but I need some help in my choices. I'd like to keep it as economical as possible but I don't want to buy junk either. As far as a lap top...Windows or Mac? Will I need a DAW? If yes what's is the easiest one for a non-computer savvy guy to understand and operate. Last but not least...what is the easiest way to hook all this stuff up?

    I really appreciate any and all input...

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    Simplest? Tape outputs on the mixer plugged into an iRig 2 plugged in to the iPad.

    ps. surprised you need an additional headphone amp with a Mackie - the built-in amp on the headphone output on my Mackies are enough to melt my ear drums....
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      Thanks...I'll check that out. Sounds easy enough. BTW the reason for the headphone amp is because sometimes the wife (rarely) or one of my kids wants to sit and listen while I'm playing. I rarely play without headphones and out of respect for the rest of the family and the neighbors I don't usually turn the amp on (well...maybe once in awhile). I got the headphone amp plugged into the phones jack of the mixer and I can then hook up four sets of cans with independent volume control...everybody who wants to listen gets to listen and everybody that doesn't want to doesn't have to. I love the Mackie mixer...and you're packs a punch through the headphones.