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Fresh Studio, best setup for TD-25K hi-hat?

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  • Fresh Studio, best setup for TD-25K hi-hat?

    I'm switching to electronic drums for recording due to space and have hit a few snags researching the mapping of my hi-hat specifically. It seems the hi-hat doesn't register in all positions in the tutorial I found for Logic Pro X, which is the program I would like to purchase. Specifically, when the hi hat is half open vs, hushing it. Is there a tutorial somewhere that describes how to map the MIDI hi-hat so that is responds like it does through the TD25K module? I tried to set it up in garageband, but it seems limited in this feature. I'm learning a little about cc4, but I'm still a little cloudy on it and where its actually located.
    Maybe I need to look at another DAW?
    I'm also looking at Kurt Ballou's Signature drum pack from Room Sound that comes with Kontakt Player. Maybe I could start with that and see if it maps the hi-hat correctly?

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    You may need to get a plugin like SD2/3 EZDrummer, BFD, Slate drums. All these map the hi hats correctly
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