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Found an easy way to record drum covers or just drums

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  • Found an easy way to record drum covers or just drums

    What i did was run from the headphones on my td9 to a headphone amp (into the in jack) then i have 1 channel going to my headphones and 1 channel going out to the mic in in my camera ,i set the line to the camera volume low and the volume on my module to half and my headphones are at whatever i want, for the track i play to i just plug my tablet into the aux in on the td9.

    This is the headphone amp i'm using

    This is a drum cover i did using this method

    ATV AD5 module,vh11, cy12c/r, cy15r, cy13c/r, axis long boards double pedal,pearl export drum shells with roland mesh heads,ddrum trigger on floor tom & roland rt30k trigger on kick drum,quartz trigger harness in upper toms,rt10 on snare,sadly its all in storage due to housing crisis i am forced to give up drumming until i find a place i can have them.

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    Very clever!!! Nice!!!
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