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  • Recording + Trigger Velocity

    When I'm recording (TD-50 via USB audio), I sometimes notice that every so often a snare hit, for example, will come through at a really low velocity. I know my striking velocity is consistent, so it seems like some sort of anomaly with the module. I'll notice it while playing and end up redoing the take. Has anyone else ever experienced this sort of thing?
    Roland TD-50K

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    Not seeing that so far here, Adam.

    However you might want to consider also recording the MIDI feed (if you aren't already doing that) so that if there is an anomaly with one or two strikes you can check the data and if need be, edit and regenerate the audio.
    TD-50KV extended kit with KD-A22 kick, DW pedals/stands. SPD-30 and SPD-SX. TD-30 for additional triggers & layering. Muse Receptor 2+ Pro w/ SD v2.4.4.


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      Check to see if you are getting the edge sound instead of the head sound.