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Help with TDK11

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  • Help with TDK11

    Whats up everyone, Just purchased TD11K . I really like it.

    Probably a million threads on this but im looking to record to my laptop. I tried installing the CD last nite but its not taking. I have windows 8 on PC.
    went to Roland .com and tried to install for windows 8, still didnt take.
    Any ideas on what can be wrong?

    I hope im doing this right. I have installed a USB cable from the TD11 module to computer will that bring the actual audio oim playiong to the computer? Also what else needs to be done once driver is installed? I keep reading reaper needs to be installed?

    New to the Vdrums played acoustic for years so forgive me for the lack of experience in recording, any help would be appreciated.
    Rock ON!

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    Could you expand on "didn't take"?


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      Maybe the driver installed.I don't see an icon. Just tried it again .
      Assuming driver is installed I should get a software correct? Any suggestions?


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        I've done exactly what you're doing only with a TD15.(But it's the same as the TD11)

        Downloading the drivers wont install software. You now need to install a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation)program. And this program will now recognize the TD11 because you already installed the Drivers. that's the purpose of the drivers. Im using Reaper now, but only because Im using VST's. I started with Audacity and you probably should too. It's free. Just google Audacity DAW and download it. Super easy. Plug your TD11 into your PC. Open Audacity, set the input and output to the TD11. press record and start playing.

        good luck.
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