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TD-11 & TD-15 Audio via USB

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  • TD-11 & TD-15 Audio via USB

    Hello new to the forum and thanks for letting me in.
    I am considering one of the sets listed in the topic.
    I have searched the net, download and read the manual and I still cant find the answer to this question.

    When transmitting audio via USB is it a stereo pair OR
    is the audio, sn-bd-toms-cymbals, split out for multitrack recording, like the direct outs on the TD-30.

    I would really love to know about the audio via USB.

    Yes I am aware of drum vstis and how they are already setup as individual tracks with an internal mixer....

    Thank you,


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    Welcome! Usb audio will be stereo same as main outs of module.
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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      Thanks for the reply. A bit disappointing but not too bad. I recently had the chance to play a set. I was fairly impressed by the sound.

      Again thank you!



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        I see your point. It would be cool if you could connect it to a USB mixer and have each drum or cymbal be sent to an individual out of that mixer.
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