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Anyone ever try recording V drums while overhead micing live cymbals?

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  • Anyone ever try recording V drums while overhead micing live cymbals?

    It works pretty good! Yeah, you get stick noise on the pads, but you'd never know because what you hear is the drum beat / patch. I had a crappy TD6 kit (and the cymbal sounds sucked) and that's what prompted me to try it!

    Anyone else try it with some success?
    TD6 kit, TD10 kit, 7 piece Tama Star Classics

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    Got any recordings of it?


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      Originally posted by KennyinDundee View Post
      Got any recordings of it?
      Yeah, here is a good one. It's about those darn addictive music forums:


      TD6 kit, TD10 kit, 7 piece Tama Star Classics


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        Yep, before I started using Gen 16's, I used acoustic cymbals live and to record. The other thing you can do if you're using a DAW is delete the space between cymbal hits. That helps clean up the pad noise even more since the mic is then only recording when the cymbal is making noise.
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          This is such a good thing to do.
          First USE A VST (BFD3,Addictive2, etc) for samples.. it will sound 1000x more real.
          Second, you could get away with a few overheads, but why. you just saved using about 6 extra mics, so mic the hi-hat, ride, china with some close mics as well. if you have em
          Thrid, plut a gate on those tracks if possible to get rid of the stick clicks. if it doesn't work try what BWaj said and delete the space between.

          Honestly. if your triggering drums those samples are going to cover up the pad hits. especially if you add in guitar, bass, etc. Its amazing the things I left in mixing our last album because I got lazy and you can not tell.