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FS/FT: Lots of stuff! (Chopped toms, Surge Cymbals, Trigger iO, Yamaha PCYs, & more)

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  • FS/FT: Lots of stuff! (Chopped toms, Surge Cymbals, Trigger iO, Yamaha PCYs, & more)

    After multiple iterations on my DIY kit, my GAS has done a number on both my wallet and available storage space around my house/garage. Funnily enough, my GAS has flared up again but this time I want to "thin the herd" so-to-speak so I don't feel/look like a tech hoarder. Figured I'd give you guys a chance before I put it all on eBay.

    All these prices are flexible, so shoot me an offer.

    E-Drum gear:
    • 16" Surge cymbal: $80
    • 16" Smarttrigger (I had to re-KRT mod it, and for some reason the PVC is coming off again): $50
    • 13" Surge Hi-Hat Combo (two cymbals): $100
    • 20" Field Ride Cymbal (has a little cosmetic damage, was dropped on its edge onto asphalt during a move): $150
    • Trigger iO (with mount!): $100
    • Yamaha PCY150S with rotation stopper: $100
    • Yamaha PCY130S with rotation stopper: $85
    • 14" Pintech TC series cymbal (the glorified practice cymbal line): $15
    • 2x Mad Catz 10" RB3 cymbals: $20
    • Peace double kick pedal: $80

    Other gear:
    • Korg PadKontrol: $90 (modified to support a removable l-rod bracket I made which is included)
    • Dell 17" 4:3 LCD monitor with stand: $30

    I also have a bunch of chopped toms and other hardware that I used on my first two DIY kits, but are now just sitting around taking up space. Perfect for aspiring DIY'ers! Just make me an offer.
    • 12" steel Pearl snare drum (I'll have to round up the hardware for this one - previous owner spray-painted the shell and hoops without properly preparing the surface or using primer)
    • 2x 12" 5-lug (one has a busted lug )
    • 2x 13" 6-lug
    • 2x 10" 6-lug full shells with hoops (from super-cheap snare drums)
    • 1x 8" 5-lug full tom
    • a bunch of Fat Daddio's cake pans of different sizes
    • I also have a few modified Remo practice pads that are also taking up space.

    I am willing to trade for:
    • PD-120
    • 13" piccolo snare
    • PCY-135
    • PCY-155
    • Akai MPD18

    I can provide pics for any item, just ask!
    "A real punk doesn't need to advertise his punkness. It's like a karate man. Karate man bleed on the inside. Real punk is punk on the inside."

    My Kit:
    Roland TD-12 - Alesis Performance Pad - PCY130/FD-7 HH - PCY150s Crash - PCY155 Crash - 10" Mad Catz RB3 Splash - 16" DMPad Ride - Ballistech II Heads - 10"/12"/14" Toms - 10"/13" Dual-zone Snares - 12" Kick