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Parting out Yamaha DTX790 w/extras and Zildjian AE rack.

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  • Parting out Yamaha DTX790 w/extras and Zildjian AE rack.


    Just bought some new A's, so I'm liquidating. I actually prefer to part the kit out and use the Zildjian rack for my new acoustic kit.
    This is a mint DTX 790 that I upgraded the rack to a Zildjian AE tall rack on. I also added an extra XP100 tom, a PCY100 Cymbal Pad and all necessary hardware. Everything comes in original packing with all manuals. Consider this a brand new kit. It has a little over 4 months of warranty left on it. The Tama highhat stand in the picture is not included, but the original Yamaha one that came with the kit is. This is a steal. PM me if you are interested.



    I will ship anywhere. If you want pieces, consider the following US prices:

    4 XP100T 10" 3 Zone Pads w/control knobs- $300 each - SOLD!!
    1 XP120T 12" 3 Zone Pad w/control knobs- $300 - SOLD!!
    2 PCY135 13" 3 Zone Cymbal Pads $90 Each - SOLD!!
    1 PCY 155 15" 3 Zone Ride Cymbal Pad- $115 - SOLD!!
    1 PCY100 10" 3 Zone Cymbal Pad - $80 - SOLD!
    1 RHH 135 2 Zone moveable Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad - $195 - SOLD!!
    1 KP125W Bass Drum Pad w/additional zone input - $300 - SOLD!!
    1 DTX 700 Electronic Drum Brain Module - $700 - SOLD!!

    Odds and ends - feel free to contact me about tom mounts, snare stands, hi-hat stand etc.
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    I will take the PCY135's, 155, and the RHH135 if they come with all the extra bits (rotation stoppers, cables, etc.)
    I think my work is done here.


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      They do. PM me and we can settle.


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        Updating posting as items are sold. Thanks!


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          Got the cymbals today from Jovato. They seriously look like new. Came in all the original packaging with all the manuals and accessories. Great transaction. Buy his stuff.
          I think my work is done here.