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TD-4KP Compact Kit with awesome upgrades

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  • TD-4KP Compact Kit with awesome upgrades

    Now with pics!!!

    I've got a like new condition TD-4KP but with some great upgrades that I am offering for $1000. First, it has the new TD-11 module which allows a VH-11 hi-hat to be used - a must have in my opinion - and includes the VH-11. Also includes the Roland gig bag and Roland rug. Finally, includes a Sonor 400 series kick pedal and Sonor 600 series (high-end) hi-hat pedal for the VH-11 as well as Sonor clamp to hold hi-hat in place. All fit nicely on the Roland rug. The other cymbal originally used for the hi-hat is setup as an extra pad for a side hat. Great setup and great price for the condition and extras. Call me if you have questions: 831-345-5851. I'll post pictures soon but in the meantime PM me your email address to get them.
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    Nice upgrades. Good luck with the sale


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      Bump - I forgot to mention this TD-11 is also Vexed with Apex - http://www.vexpressionsltd.com/manua...P01_readme.pdf. Also, I will include a Sonor throne as well. I am working on pictures but have been sick so in the next few days hopefully.
      Oops, I did it (again ;) )


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        Finally took some pics this weekend. Here is the complete parts list. 1000 USD gets it

        TD4-KP with complete set of rack, triggers, and harness
        TD-11 Module with Apex Vex Pack installed
        Sonor 400 series kick pedal
        Sonor 600 series hi-hat pedal and clamp
        Sonor 400 series throne
        Sonor 10x5 DIY dual-zone snare drum (made with Quartz triggers/parts)
        Roland VH-11
        Roland TDM-1 drum rug
        Roland SC-01 drum bag

        (Simmons PA not included - too heavy to ship but if you live locally and can pick up we can work out it out)
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        This gallery has 5 photos.
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          TD-4KP and TD-11 are sold. The other stuff is for sale so I will close this thread and open a new one.
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