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FS: CONUS 4 10" Pintech Mesh Pads, 1 14" Mesh Snare, and 1 10" mesh kick pad

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  • FS: CONUS 4 10" Pintech Mesh Pads, 1 14" Mesh Snare, and 1 10" mesh kick pad

    So I've tried to sell these on here before but for way too much money. At this point, I just want them gone with a couple hundred bucks in my pocket to put towards a smaller ekit. They are just too much of a hassle for me to move around all the time. I was thinking $350 for the lot of them (I know the 14" goes for around 400 new) that I can put towards a TD11! I also have a TD8 brain I'd consider selling (I just love that thing though and I know they're becoming rare). I'm open to offers on things too! The kick pad needs a new head. The triggers in the 10" pads were all replaced in november of 2012 and are just fine, however the rim triggers have come unstuck due to these not being played for a while, but that's a simple fix. The snare just needs a little tightening of the base screws and the head and it'll be ready to go as well. The snare also comes with the silentrim rubber silencer for rimshots.

    $350 (OBO) plus shipping!
    Paypal only please.
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