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FS: Roland TD-12, Cymbals & Kick Trigger + Kit Toys Splash & China

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  • FS: Roland TD-12, Cymbals & Kick Trigger + Kit Toys Splash & China

    UPDATE 2/22: Items sold on Ebay noted below. Accepting offers on the remaining gear (sorry, can't do trades). If you see something you like, hit me up and let's get this great gear to its new home. A combination of work and focusing more on playing guitar & bass is leading me to scale back to just my Yamaha BCAN acoustic gear. I literally have spent a couple of hours max playing on this since I picked it up a year ago. I triggered Superior 2.x with this stuff using an AtoE kit I put together using cake pans in a Pearl Masters Kit (cake pans work!). Time to let it all go to someone who will put it to use. I purchased these all used (except for the Kit Toys) and bought them with a keen eye to minimal wear and perfect functionality. They remain that way due to my extremely limited play time so purchase with confidence. I've included pricing for individual pieces and priced them below market. Due to the cost to ship, this cost will be passed on. However, I have included a discounted package price in case someone wants to buy the whole lot and I'll eat the shipping cost only on this option. Prices are firm. Due to my availability of time, I'm only going to be able to ship this to the lower 48 so please don't ask for international shipping. Paypal only (same as my email address below). My email address is [email protected] if you have any questions, but only serious inquiries please. I have the same handle (tripp2k) on eBay and on a bunch of gear sites (TGP, AGF, TDPRI, ADF, etc.) where I've done a number of highly satisfied buy, sell and trade transactions with members. I'm not a gear flipper, just a guy with a ridiculous case of G.A.S. and play different instruments.
    Brand Model Price Shipping Total
    Roland VH-11 Sold Sold Sold
    Roland CY-14 Sold Sold Sold
    Roland CY-14 Sold Sold Sold
    Roland CY-15R Sold Sold Sold
    Roland TD-12 Sold Sold Sold
    Roland RT-10K $60 $8 $68
    Kit Toys Splash $40 $8 $48
    Kit Toys China $65 $12 $77
    Kit Toys Splash and China Roland RT-10K
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    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute | Zildjian Ks

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    I may have a buyer for you, but he can't message you through the system. Can you shoot me an email via digitaldrummer?
    . digitalDrummer
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      I sent you an email Allan. Thank you.
      Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute | Zildjian Ks