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FS (UK) pick from my list.....

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  • FS (UK) pick from my list.....

    Hello folks I've sold my modules and will be selling my 8 peice A2E conversion in one hit but I have a massive list of spares and pads and cymbals for sale....if anyone has serious needs (not just fishing for prices) then memo me ive got Roland and Yamaha and Koby cymbals, I've got Roland and Koby pads...I've got TD-12 splitters and cables, I've got hardware and cymbal stands, clamps and mounts and I've got two Roland blue racks, I've event got an Amp for sale... I look forward to hearing from you.... N
    TD-12 VEX TMC-6 A2E kit 16 pieces and growing and a cursed left handed child of the devil.

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    Hi mate
    How many splitters do you have and how much?
    Electronic - Mapex DIY conversion black sparkle10,12,12,14,14 toms.16 bass. TD12, VH-12, CY 12,14,14,15. Jobeky snare. 682 heads, zed head and one Remo silentstroke. Roland PM3.
    Acoustic - Yamaha Maple Custom black sparkle. 10,12,13,14,16,22 Zildjian Avedis Crashes, ride. Quick beat and new beat hats. Yamaha Maple snare, Pearl Sensitone brass snare, Yamaha Bamboo snare, Tee Drums Oak snare.


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    What Yamaha cymbals are you selling? I am looking for a pcy 155