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FS: (US-New England) Gretsch Catalina Birch toms RIMS mount A to E $250

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  • FS: (US-New England) Gretsch Catalina Birch toms RIMS mount A to E $250

    Anyone interested in these to complete a set, or make a set with a kick they already have? I bought a larger set years ago and converted them all to Roland cones but I never play larger than a 4 piece and now live in a house so I have both electronic and acoustic setup and no room to have the larger kit.

    These work great w/ the TD-20/30 series (and most likely other Roland brains). The mod is also non destructive, you can easily remove the entire thing as it is mounted to the lug holes and the jack is through the air hole (as seen in the picture).

    The sizes are 8", 13", 14", and 16".

    I have Hart Magnum heads on them and Drumbalaya rim trim. They also have RIMS mounts.

    I'd prefer to not ship them as I have no idea where to get boxes big enough. But if someone is very interested I can do it.
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    ...PM sent
    Roland TD20/TDW20 - Hart Pro 13" snare; PD120, PD105, 2xPD85; KD120.
    Zildjian Gen16 hihats, CY15, CY14, 2xCY12. Kit Toys 8" splash, 10" & 14" Chinas. Yamaha PCY10, BP80.
    Mapex "M" - 6pc birch, 14x5 Ludwig Supraphonic/Pork Pie Big Black, Sabian AAX's.