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FS: DIY E-Kit - REALLY CHEAP! Snare/3 Toms (US/UK/Intl. Shipping)

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  • FS: DIY E-Kit - REALLY CHEAP! Snare/3 Toms (US/UK/Intl. Shipping)

    Okay so I just picked up a TD4 hybrid kit yesterday that came with a DIY E-Kit. The bass drum he used a KD8 inside of a regular kick which has a huge hole on the bottom so it's really useless so I'm just throwing that out.

    But the metal snare (Yamaha or Pearl I can't remember exactly right now) and the 3 toms (12", 13", and 16") have crossbars and cone triggers installed.

    All black pearl mesh heads on everything. The 14" snare head has 2 small holes but still triggers fine. It was his first attempt at everything so it's not the prettiest thing, but they DO work quite well actually. Not sure if the snare has positional sensing or not, but I know everything is only SINGLE zone.

    The 2 rack toms are 12" and 13" and the floor tom with legs is 16". They're all deep red color and are just no-name "Sunlite" drums. The snare is an acutal metal snare (with throwoff and snare wires still on, but it's muffled inside). Female 1/4" jacks in the drums of every one.

    Again, these do work fine but would be a great project too for someone to tweak around with too or learn to do more DIY stuff.

    I only want $100 + shipping for everything!!! I also have a handful of spare parts that came with it such as a couple extra cones, a piezo, a battery powered soldering gun (quite nice actually), tubing for the rims, etc.

    I'll ship overseas but with these it's gonna be pretty expensive. For US buyers or Canada I can get these into 3/4 boxes so it shouldn't be more than $50-80 tops. Save HUGE money on these!!!

    All prices include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental USA! I will also ship to ANY country, but the buyer must pay the shipping costs. Local pickup is always welcome and I'll knock off some $$$ if you pick it up. I'm 5 minutes outside of Albany, NY.

    I will also take "trade-ins" or "trade-ups" of Roland gear towards whatever you're looking at. PM or call me for more information and pricing regarding what you have.

    I ship everything in the US & Canada via UPS ground, and everything overseas via USPS International Priority. I'll ship any method other than those, if the buyer pays the difference.

    I accept Paypal, postal money orders, or extremely well concealed cash. I'm well known on this forum for sales of high quality used gear, as well as have 100% eBay feedback (user name: adam_cooney). You can check the "Member Feedback Thread" or the "Member Feedback Chart Thread" for all positive experiences with me from buyers around the world. If you purchase more than 1 item I'll cut you a deal, the more you buy the better the deal!

    I will ship within' 2 business days (usually the same day or next day). I take great pride in packing my items with extreme care with bubble wrap & packing peanuts. All items are insured & trackable as well, to all of the US, Canada, & overseas!

    Call me anytime at 518-378-3377 or email me at [email protected] or you can always PM me on this forum as I check it numerous times throughout the day.

    Please respond to this thread only if you have a question about what's for sale or are interested in anything for sale. Otherwise PM me directly about anything, e-mail me, or call me ANYTIME day or night!

    If you want a specific picture, just email/PM/call me.
    Check out my NEW eBay Store: V-Drum Emporium!

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    Pictures of the items you're selling?


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      Yeah I can take some and put them up tomorrow.
      Check out my NEW eBay Store: V-Drum Emporium!