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FS: Roland V Club set with many extras

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  • FS: Roland V Club set with many extras

    I have for sale a complete Roland V Club set with many extras. Included is the Roland V Club set with the TD-6 module. Instead of the KD-7 kick trigger, included is a Pintech CKV ConcertCast upright kick trigger with mesh head. Included is a Pintech AX14S 14" Acoustech electronic piccolo snare with mesh heads. this snare has the white powder coated shell with chrome hardware. A Yamaha snare stand is included for this snare. A Tama HP900F Flexiglide Iron Cobra kick pedal wih hard case is included. A Tama 1st Chair saddle throne with cloth top and adjustable backrest is included. Also inclded is a Crate KX80 amplifier. this amp features 80 watts, a 15" driver, horn tweeter, 3 channels, and an EQ.List price on this package is $3,020. going stret price is at $2,320. (although the KX80 is no longer in production, the list/street prices were $529/$369 when it was). Best offer takes it. I will be taking offers by email through Feb. 16th. feel free to email any questions you may have. thank you.

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    Have you sold this kit yet? Thanks.

    [email protected]
    Bruce Gordon
    Gordon Group, Inc.
    Moulton, AL 35650