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I want a MDS-10 drum stand

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  • I want a MDS-10 drum stand

    Anyone going to sell it??
    pls contact me.

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    I maybe able to hook you up. I have one with 4 cymbal boom arms not sure about the tom holders though. I have the plastic mounts for the tom arms but I am using them with the Gibraltor rack. ( I think) I am getting ready to expand may only be using only one of the tom arms. I switched to a Gibraltor rack almost a year ago and the MDS-10 has been collecting dust since. It is in great shape, just the usual black marks where the clamps got moved back and forth. The clamps are all the original style but I never had a problem with them. I switch because I had no room in the Van to carry all the PA gear and stuff with the rack just folded need to switch to something I could tear down farther. The only thing that I know is not there are the little side brakets that say Roland they are on my rack. I am a eBay seller (v-drummerstixx777) and take PayPal if you are interested email me at [email protected] I can pull the rack out and take pics if you would like to see the rack. I don't have the best Digital Camera but it works ok. I also have a SPD-11 if you are interested.
    Ted H.


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      I e-mailed you few days ago,
      have you received it??


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        I sent you a private message I dont know if you will recieve it. Anyway, I am thinking about selling my rack. If interested email me.