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Not for sale: but need to know VALUE

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  • Not for sale: but need to know VALUE

    I know this forum is really for e-drums, but I have an odd request. I need to know the value of my old acoustic kit in order to resell it. I'm trading in for a V-kit

    I bought this Premier kit back in '95 or '96 and was planning on taking it to Guitar Center or something to make a quick sell (hopefully).

    If anyone can help me get a ballpark value so I don't feel completely ripped off... well I'd simply be grateful.

    Premier 4pc kit (no snare)
    Pork Pie snare
    Sabian 18" crash
    Sabian "20" ride
    Paiste signature high-hats
    All double braced hardware
    All "good" to "very good" condition

    THANK YOU!!!!
    (hopefully the photo attached)
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    If you pull the stickers off of the shells i'd say $500-$600
    Jazz nerd with old school Gretch kit and dirty Zildjian K's all around. Hart Pro 5.3 kit with TD-8 in my apartment for practicing without disturbing my annoying neighbors.


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      Hi, my suggestion is : DON'T TAKE IT TO GUITAR CENTER! You will get virtually nothing for them. Sell it in a classified paper like "The Recycler" here in California or online at http://music.recycler.com/
      Or use e-bay.


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        thanks for the input... both of you. I figure at least now I'll know HOW MUCH I'm getting ripped off

        I just need these things out of storage ASAP and don't really have anywhere else to keep them right now. Whatever amount I get, it'll be an investment towards my first e-drums... I can't wait.

        Thanks again.