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KD-7 Kick Trigger *NEW* *CHEAP* $50.00

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  • KD-7 Kick Trigger *NEW* *CHEAP* $50.00

    I was forced to get a KD-120 because my downstairs neighbor was complaining that the KD-7 was making too much noise. I think I over extended myself with the purchase and I need fast cash. This trigger as VERY...I mean VERY limited use.....maybe an hour? I just purchased the set itself Monday, September 8th. I will ship it free of charge UPS ground. First $50 gets this to their door.

    If you have a desire to purchase this item, I will email you with my personal infomation to include my home/work number etc if you desire voice to voice contact. My eBay userid is 08241941 if you want further verification of credibility.

    Again, first $50 takes this essentially new KD-7. My understanding is they are upwards of $200 retail, and can be pruchased online for $150?...save yourself the $100.

    Mark Seager
    [email protected]

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    Thanks Greg.


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      Looks like the last message was eaten when I tried to send it, so if this is a suplicate, my advance apologies.

      If anyone has an extra KD7 hanging around and doesn't mind parting with it, I am willing to pay reasonably for it (provided it still works ). Also interested in an extra kick pedal, so if you have one of those too, in good working order, let me know.

      Please email me direct [email protected]

      Thanks, Neil
      TD6, 5 PD6, 2 CY-6, PD100, Pintech Concertcast Kick, and a home-brew A to E cymbal conversion (using CY-6 piezo & jack).