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WTT The roland cymbals for 4 PD 80's

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  • WTT The roland cymbals for 4 PD 80's

    Hey Y'all,

    It's my first post so try to be nice. I don't know a lot about the instrument but here goes. I have a custom kit that I upgraded all of the cymbal pads to the new style molded rubber. I think I want to trade to 4 pd 80's + some cash. Any offers? I own
    (1) Roland CY12H (2) Roland CY14C (1) Roland CY15R all have been used very little.

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    I didn't know there was a PD-80. I've searched on eBay for one and couldn't find any results. I'm interested in the CYs. Interested in a PD-7 or PD-9?
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    TD-20, HK LUCAS PA