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FS - TD-3 Brain, FD-8, KD-85, PDX8, TD-3 Stand

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  • FS - TD-3 Brain, FD-8, KD-85, PDX8, TD-3 Stand

    Got some extra stuff from my old TD-3 set im looking to pass on to someone else. All gear is in excellent condition and in perfect working order. On to the pics:

    TD-3 Brain(Power and kit wires included):

    KD-85: SOLD

    FD-8: SOLD

    This is lower 48 states shipping ONLY and ONLY accept PAYPAL. Shipping will be UPS Standard Ground insured.

    Pricing as followed OBO:

    TD-3 Brain : $275 Shipped
    KD-85 : SOLD
    FD-8 : SOLD
    PDX8 : SOLD
    MDS3C (TD-3 set stand) : SOLD

    Ive only sold a CY-5 on here previously but the transaction went smoothly. I have sold many items(not Vdrum related on other forums) so rest assure i am a trustworthy seller. Thank you for looking and if you have any questions please reply or send me a PM. Thanks!

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    ttt. Make me offers on anything!


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      Also considering trades for PD-125, CY-15r and perhaps a PD-105.


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        Hi SCVDrummer,

        If the exchange rate wasn't so woeful I'd be interested in your KD-85 and PDX8, but at 60c our dollar is hardly worth starting fires with (and it's plastic so that wouldn't even work....).


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          Thanks for the interest in my gear. Im hoping to get them sold in the states but you never know.


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            ttt. Make offers folks. Need these items sold!


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              Any chance you would part with the mount for the module separately?


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                If you mean the small plastic mount for the TD-3 id rather keep it with the module.


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                  You will have better luck if you lower your prices. Everything you have can be had on ebay for 25% less (or more)


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                    Originally posted by sevenplaces View Post
                    You will have better luck if you lower your prices. Everything you have can be had on ebay for 25% less (or more)
                    I based the prices from Zzsounds inventory of new items minus being used so i think most of it is pretty fair. Also its all OBO so just PM me a price on any item and perhaps we can come to medium ground. Im flexible on all prices.

                    PS. Just checking ebay prices on the KD-85 for example...The closest i see for a Buy Now is $295 + shipping...so i think my prices are quite fair.


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                      For the MDS-3C Stand, is that $125 for just the Rack or are all the mounts included?
                      Yamaha DTXpress IV Special V2 with Upgraded TP120 Snare and TP100 Toms


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                        Rack sold.
                        Last edited by SCVDrummer; 12-15-08, 05:13 PM.


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                          PDX8 and FD-8 are sold. Also i have 2 CY-8s ill be selling as well and 3 PD-8s if anyone is interested in them shoot me a PM or just reply here. Pics can be provided on request.


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                            I'll give you 175 for the TD-3 Modual shipped!!!