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Roland TD-12

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  • Roland TD-12

    Ive just bought a TD-12 2nd hand, The frame is 1 year old and the rest about 4 years (i can give the module serial number for an accurate age). In NZ our dollar is around 55 cent U.S, this can work for us, if I were to sell it to the U.S it's 5,800.00 NZD = 3,197.74 USD (included is $100 for shipping) is this a good deal or one we could work on ? the kit is under "my new td-12" sig , I would then buy a new one here. if interested please msg me or answer here. I have no idea what they sell for in other places but our dollar being so low is an advantage. I can do a video, pics etc to show the kit in full detail, I have ordered a new mesh for the kick that will be here in a week. It would come with two CR-12's not the other two CY-8's shown.

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    Hi Sook,

    Sent you a PM


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      It seems we are the same price inspite of the dollar, can a mod delete the thread plz.
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