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Looking for kit for Christmas gift

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  • Looking for kit for Christmas gift

    I'm looking to purchase a full kit for a Christmas kit for my son. He is a drummer, has an acoustic kit, but cannot have or play them in college (roommates!). So I'm looking for something reasonable that he can practice on. I want to spend no more than $500-600. Thank you.

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    I dont want to be a scrooge at christmas, but to avoid you being disappointed, just want to remind you that the kits are not fully silent...depending on whether his roomates are actual roomates, or flatmates (ie in a different room), they might object to his drumming, especially if they are trying to study...the sound of the sticks whacking the pad can always be heard (like whacking a ruler against a phone book...over and over again...)...so depending on how loud they are playing their own music....well you get the picture...also, the kick tends to be heard well in the room underneath, so depending on which floor he is on in digs....

    just some points to be aware of....

    sorry if I am being a downer
    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
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      Hi, and thanks for the reply. What you describe is OK from a noice level perspective. It is certainly better than a full acoustic kit, which he already has. Thanks again.


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        I would suggest looking for a used Roland or Yamaha kit on eBay to meet your money requirements and still get a decent kit. A Roland td-3 or td-6 or Yamaha dtxPress or dtxPlorer kits would work well. Others may have better suggestions. Good luck.
        Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.