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Module Trigger, Yamaha PMC1

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  • Module Trigger, Yamaha PMC1

    Yamaha Pmc1 controler can works with Roland Vdrum for single zone,any midi sound module and computer via midi to trig plugins like DFH, BFD and others.Great Device to add sound for single zone trig with Mutlivelocity up to 12 notes capability and simultanous notes up to 5 capability for each output.

    -8 pad XLR output available
    -32 patch,
    -Mutlivelocity sample up to 12 notes for each pad output
    -5 simultanous notes for each pad output,
    -3 output Foot control
    -Each pad output have his own midi channel
    -Full midi, IN\OUT\TRUE
    -Sensitivity control, Program change, Sustain, Gate
    -PDF Manual

    Attached Files