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FS: Silver Rack (TD-8) V Custom

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  • FS: Silver Rack (TD-8) V Custom

    hey everyone I am selling the rack that came with the TD-8 V custom set. It has been used to gig with around 2X a month for the last 2 years and does has some road wear, like some scratches here & there and scratches in the plastic.

    I do not tear it apart after every gig, we usually just fold the arms in and strap it down inside of the van. There are no broken parts and holds together nice.

    I am offering it here first and won't put it on ebay unless no one here wants it. I am asking $80 (OBO) plus UPS shipping. PM me and we'll set up payment and shipping details. I will take payment through paypal.

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    Giving this a bump! if anyone is interested let me know. if not I'm putting it up on ebay this weekend. PM with an offer.
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      TD8 rack....

      Sent you a PM!
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