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V-Custom set for sale in Pennsylvania

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  • V-Custom set for sale in Pennsylvania

    Hey guys,

    Well I want $2,200/firm for the set I have. It's a V-Custom kit with TD-8. I also have a DW Double peddle set-up on the kick pad. Nothing ever was wrong with this kit, and comes with 3 extra cymbols. Never used. The kit is about a year old and only a little wear to the kick drum pad.

    If interested or questions, please e-mail me at [email protected].



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    by the way I am in South Eastern PA about 40 miles from Philadelphia by way of the PA Turnpike.

    thanks again,



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      If you can't get someone to buy the whole set, I'd be interested in your kick drum (assuming KD-80), double-bass pedals, and maybe one of the cymbals (which cymbals?). I have a V-Club with TD-10 myself, but I'm not happy with the KD-7, and only have a single pedal right now. Could also use another cymbal or two.

      It sounds like we're just about neighbors (I'm in Exton) so you wouldn't have to ship or anything.
      kit pr0n.


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        tell you what, I want another KD7 and the peddle. E-mail me and we can work out a deal.

        I am close to exton in a way, about 20+ miles. I could meet you somewhere.

        Email me and let me know what you would like to do. I have another e-set I want to put a KD7 on. And yes the kick drum I have for this kit is a KD-80 and a double peddle setup. The cymbals are the Hart Dynamics e-cymbals. I have a ride with bell, a HH, and a crash. I would be willing to part out the ride and the HH. The crash must go with this set.

        Talk to you later.



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          How much you willing to sell the HH for?
          Gabe Kangas
          DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.



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            Are the cymbals the gold ECYMBAL II's?
            I'm looking for a 12" or 14" crash if you're willing to part the kit out

            Jazz nerd with old school Gretch kit and dirty Zildjian K's all around. Hart Pro 5.3 kit with TD-8 in my apartment for practicing without disturbing my annoying neighbors.