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Roland TMC6 Trigger MIDI Converter

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  • Roland TMC6 Trigger MIDI Converter

    Add six more triggers inputs to your kit. I just bought this unit less then two months ago and was triggering acoustic drums. I ended up buying a TD-8 kit instead. So this unit is mint and I do mean mint. I just don't have the actual box it came in. The lowest price I can find for this unit on the net is $295.00 U.S. I am selling this unit for $225.00 U.S. Kevin (905) 949 9990


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    broadcastingtransmission************************** **************
    hey whats up, not trying to be rude, but we can all buy this TMC6 brand new with a full warranty for the same price @ a retail store??

    hey, if nobody bids on it though, ill give you 200 flat, with the shipping included?? let me know laters, BOMMS

    endoftransmission********************************* **********