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Pintech 2 piece PCHH14 14" Hi hats with controller,plus 2 cymbals

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  • Pintech 2 piece PCHH14 14" Hi hats with controller,plus 2 cymbals

    I recently picked these up (about 2 weeks ago) along with a Pintech Crash and Ride. I got impatient trying to set it up before our weekly jam session and decided to stick with the traditional HH for now. These got mounted on the HH stand and were tested, thats it. Other than that, they are perfect. They are the clear acrylic model with the rubber impact pad. The controller I'm told goes for the price of this whole setup by itself. Either way, you get the 2 piece 14" hi-hats, controller, and 2 cables to hook them up to your module.

    I'll also have a couple of the older Pintech single zone cymbals available as well. They are the next step below these and are well used but in perfectly functioning condition. $30 each or I'll throw them in with the HH's for a total package price of $150.

    Shipping shouldnt be too expensive as this stuff is pretty light.

    I dont have pics right now because my kit is over at my friends place where we jam each week. If you require pics, I'll get some for you tomorrow (assuming nothing happens and we do get together as usual)

    I dont have any feedback on this site yet, but I do have a very good eBay record. My username is: captainobvious!
    Thanks guys.


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    The 2 piece HH and controller are pending...


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      Still available. Havent heard back from the gentleman who said he was going to buy them...

      LMK if you need pics guys.


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        Hey Steve,
        How much to send these cymbals to Australia (area code is 2440), please?
        Thanks in advance of a reply,
        Cheers, Wayne.


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          Are the hats, controller, and cymbals still available?

          If so, I'll take them. Can you send me some pics?



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            I updated the other FS thread with the complete kit. You have dibs on these if the sale of the entire kit (which is pending) falls through.