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Anybody near LA want a 22" DIY kick for $50?

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  • Anybody near LA want a 22" DIY kick for $50?

    I have a converted Yamaha Stage Custom kick, 22", with a Hart dynamics mesh head & a teflon kick pad. I cut about 6" off the depth but the hoops are mounted to both sides, it looks and triggers fine. I'm just looking for a smaller kick.

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    Pics as requested. It's a little dusty but works fine. There's a Roland cone inside mounted off-center on a sturdy two-bracket crossbar. The head is Hart Dynamics, and the patch is an Evans AF Teflon patch. The head is in great shape. I took the tom clamp off because it shakes with nothing in it (I have the toms on a rack) but it comes with it.


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      Any chance you'd ship it? I'd be more than happy to cover the cost.