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Roland Gear for sale

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  • Roland Gear for sale


    I have been cleaning out my closet and need to relieve myself of some gear. Let out some GAS.

    -I have 10 10' Roland cables All stereo except one... $4 each (ALL SOLD)

    -I have 6 6' Roland cables all stereo except one...$3 each (ALL SOLD)

    -I have 2 TD-10 style Roland Clamps with Tom arm...$10 each (SOLD)

    -I have 2 TD-20 style Roland Clamps with Tom Arm...$13 each (SOLD)

    -I have 10 Roland Tom Arms...$3 each (SOLD)

    -I have 1 Roland FD-7 Hi-Hat Pedal...$45

    -I have 1 PD-7 Roland Pad...$40 (Please note: works fine but has some scuffing near the center of the pad) (SOLD)

    -I have 2 Roland KD-7 Kick Drum Pads with Reverse Beaters. One is in good used condition the other is very rough. Both work fine. The rough one would make a good practice room one or a spare...Good one $65 Rough one $40. (SOLD)

    I will be happy to ship, but if you just want one item it may not be as cost effective. If someone wants all items I would be happy to make a deal. I can ship outside the US if need be.

    I will be away from home working for the next few days but I will have access with my laptop.


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    PM sent about the 2 TD-10 style Roland Clamps with Tom arms.
    TD-10 set with a TD-9 module


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      PM sent for 2-TD20 mounts with tom arms.
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        Sent you a PM On your PD-7


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          Anyone get a response?
          I didn't.
          TD-10 set with a TD-9 module


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            Not yet, he did say he was away for a few days (laptop battery might have died).


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              Good point
              TD-10 set with a TD-9 module


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                I just sent a PM to you --racer52
                TD-20 (non expanded), acoustic look DIY a to e conversion - some cake pan/ some crossbar method. DIY cymbals, VH-12 :-)
                Psalm 150
                had the best times with this band https://www.facebook.com/SaintHooliganMusic
                YouTube video postings: https://www.youtube.com/user/racer52online/videos
                Vdrums Photo Albums: http://www.vdrums.com/member/26923-racer52/media


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                  Do you still have any of the tom arms available?


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                    Hello all,

                    I have tried to keep up with the PM's and forgot to update the original post. So there you have it...

                    Most is sold and I did go with first come first served.

                    There are some tom arms left. I think 6.

                    I am back home and will ship on Monday.




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                      Interested in the tom arms. You have a PM.