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DW-5000th delta turbo pedal..

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  • DW-5000th delta turbo pedal..

    broadcastingtransmission************************** ******

    I am currently looking to sell a year old DW-5000th delta pedal for 40 dollars. The pedal is only single chain though, which is kind of a bummer, but the quality is still there. I use AXIS myself, but a friend handed this down to me to try.
    the pedal is in perfect condition, its light weight, and has a very cool clamp on the pedal itself to hold a drum key right on the foot of the pedal, so anyhow let me know what you think, once I get my digital camera back next week Ill post the actual picks of my pedal, and the condition it is, but here is a little link off of Musiciansfriend.com!!!! laters BOOMS

    endoftransmission********************************* *****
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