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FS: Roland RT-10S & RT-10T TRIGGERS in UK.

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  • FS: Roland RT-10S & RT-10T TRIGGERS in UK.

    Hi I have for sale a Roland VDrum trigger RT-10S Snare Dual Trigger in as new condition with packaging. Uses include either acoustic drum triggering with suitable module or as I have used combined with a mesh headed drum for a more conventional electronic set up. It attaches to the rim of your drum and hooks up to your drum module, this one is dual zone and will trigger rimshots & cross stick too.

    Really versitile bit of kit giving ultimate flexibility rrp's at around £45.00. Cheapest VDrum you'll ever see. I am listing this and four Tom Tom triggers. These work with Alesis DM5 Modules and all roland VDrum systems. Maybe others too!

    £25.00 each plus a bit of postage in the uk - will deal for all!! - SNARE TRIGGER SOLD *****
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