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Td20 For Sale In Uk

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  • Td20 For Sale In Uk

    Hi Guys

    Well, as much as it kills me to do this, my baby's up for sale. I'm taking more foreign work on as we speak and I really can't justify keeping my kit waiting for me while I think about playing it when I come home.

    Right now I'm in Kuwait, and I'll be bringing my kit home on 24th October, so here's the deal.

    It's a factory-spec Black TD20 WITHOUT HARDWARE. I'm not shipping home the cr4ppy pedals / snare stand and seat I've got here with me because it's just not cost-effective to ship them home.

    Whoever buys it will have two options.

    1) Collect it from BEWDLEY in WORCESTERSHIRE - £2750

    2) I will deliver (and help set up if need be) to ANY MAINLAND UK ADDRESS for the £2750 + £100 for a lost day's work, plus my petrol money (at cost).

    I'm willing to take a 10% deposit then cash on delivery, or we can negotiate on how you want to do it as long as you seem reliable and you've been on here a while.

    Please, no time wasters, test pilots or tyre-kickers.



    If for some reason you can't reply to this, you can mail me on [email protected]. Cheers!!
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    Oops just seen PM


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      What I won't be shipping back is....

      Hi-Hat Stand
      Snare Stand

      On reflection, I can ship cymbal arms as they don't weigh much. I *could* re-supply the items I'm not shipping when I get back to the UK but the replacements would be budget models which you'd probably only bin and replace anyway so there's probably no point. The hardware I have here in Kuwait is as rubbish as you could ever imagine and it really isn't worth sending back when I'm charged per KG.

      I've PM'd you already so let me know if you're interested as I've started getting other emails about it!




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        PM'd you dude. cheers


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          You Have Mail