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pintech vision birdseye maple 12" pad

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  • pintech vision birdseye maple 12" pad

    hello again my friends.

    i am back form a few months of traveling and cleaning out the studio. some of you remember i sold my four piece pintech kit on ebay about 6 months back. well, it was originally a 5-piece and i kept one pad thinking i might someday use it. i am now accepting that it's not altogether that likely it will ever see much play so i am offering it to my friends here.

    for those interested:
    1 12" single-trigger pintech vision birdseye maple pad for sale. asking $150 obo.

    check out http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~jonb/edrums/ for photos of the full kit. this pad is identical to the second rack tom in those pictures.

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    on ebay with no reserve

    put this on ebay. starting bid $20!! could be a great deal for you. go nuts.


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      Still have drum?

      I am interested in the drum if you still have it. I couldn't get to the photos via your link, but if it's a close match to mine, Then let's talk. What I'm really interested in is the hardware. I can rewrap the shell.


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        It's been pulled? Whats up?


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          Check the date

          I think I know what's up...the post is dated 2002...



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            The Date, of course.

            I didn't realize the date. I was just putting a search out for Pintech's vision drums. When I see a listing, I get excited. You see, Here is my situation. I bought a couple of vision drums, figuring I could complete the set from another dealer, which has been one dead end after another. On top of that Pintech has discontinued that line and is not accepting any custom orders. This kind of thing always happens to me. So I'm stuck with a dual sensor snare and one tom pad.