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Wanted: TD12 module and VH11 hihat

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  • Wanted: TD12 module and VH11 hihat

    I am currently using a TD6V with mesh heads, I've played it for 4 months now. I love drumming that much I have decided to update my kit with a module and hihat. If any of you has a TD12 and/or vh11 to offer, please respond. I live in the Netherlands.

    TD9 (All VEX packs), VH11, DIY 12" snare, PD105, 3xPD85, PCY155, CY12R/C, Kit Toys 13" China, CY8, CY5, DIY electric cowbell, DIY 20" x 10" BD with Iron Cobra PowerGlide Double pedal
    I sell e-cowbells, go check em out!

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    PM'd you about your req.