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Roland clamps for sale

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  • Roland clamps for sale


    I am selling my original Roland clamps that came with my TD-6SXT. It's no secret that I'm no fan of these clamps. They definately need to be used with drawer liner material or something similar on the rack so you don't have to tighten them so much to get them to hold.

    There are:
    5 MDJ-10U Stand Joint T-fitting clamps.
    3 MDH-10U Hatched Pad Mount clamps/L-rods
    3 MDC-10U Mounting Clamps
    1 older style mounting clamp - it was used for the module mount.

    I'm asking $65 shipped to continental US only please.

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    Do you still have this items for sale, how much for all to be shipped to UK??? cheers!


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      Originally posted by bonnyferns
      Do you still have this items for sale, how much for all to be shipped to UK??? cheers!

      It looks like someone already beat you to it... besides if you'll see my first post, I stated I would only like to ship to Cont. U.S.

      Thanks anyway!


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        Craptacular clamps

        I have the same problem with these clamps. Roland told me "tough, that's too bad" and directed me to their parts department to purchase more. What did you replace your clamps with ? Seems I'm on the same path. Thanks


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          i used abrasive tape from the hardware store, the stuff used on stairs so you don,t slip. was really cheap, and holds like cement! is totally covered up by the mount itself


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            Yeah I found out about that idea a bit too late. I used some of that drawer liner material. It made it possible to not have to tighten the clamps so much to make them hold. By not tightening them so much I think they would've held up much longer. By the time I recieved that tip I had already broken a couple of them and that was enough for me. I ordered up a butt load of Gibraltar clamps and replaced them all to the tune of a good chunk of cash. No regrets though, because I've not had a single clamp issue since... no slippage... nothing.

            Roland should really redesign some of their clamps... or use some of that revenue from the price increases to start using metal clamps!