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Modified VPro Kit and PM16

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  • Modified VPro Kit and PM16

    Hey all,

    I am getting rid of my modified VPro Kit and a PM16. The VPro is as follows:

    2 - PD7
    2 - PD9
    2 - PD100
    3 - PD120
    1 - FD7
    2 - KD7
    1 - TD8
    Rack and all hardware, cables, etc.
    Yamaha Throne
    Yamaha Snare Stand
    1 - DW7000 pedal
    1 - DW5000 pedal

    The kit is about a year old and is used, but not abused.

    - also -

    I have a mint condition PM16 midi controller for sale as well. I still have the original box and literature and the unit works great. For those who dont know, this unit allows you to add 16 single trigger pads to your setup(or 8 dual-trigger for the math impaired). You also have some awesome tweaking ability on the midi channels.

    Make me an offer(reasonable please) on either via email. I figured I'd give everybody here a chance before sticking this stuff on EBay. Im headed back to acoustics, but have loved watching this board for the last year. Keep up the awesome user group and maybe one day we can all get an awesome e-kit at a decent price. Hope your listening ROLAND!!!!

    - jeff
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