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FS - Roland SPD-S Percussion Sampler - MINT

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  • FS - Roland SPD-S Percussion Sampler - MINT

    Hey guys -

    I have a Roland SPD-S pad in mint condition. I bought it less than a year ago and wound up using it a handful of times. I had great intentions on learning the ins and outs of this thing, but the learning curve and my available time just don't jive together. My wife did the spring cleaning in the basement and tossed the box, so its just the sampler, manual, and power adapter. Like I said, the thing is mint and looking on ebay, they appear to sell for around 380-450 range. I'd like to get close to $400 for it since I literally hit it maybe 30 times (and that included a tambourine on 2 &4). Shoot me an offer if you are interested or need more info.


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    This is Chris from V Expressions - I might be interested - what is your email address?


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      Hey Chris - just sold it yesterday.