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V-Club Live Performance

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  • V-Club Live Performance

    Has anyone tried using the V-Club set (or TD-6) in a live performance setting? I'm trying to figure out what type of amp to use for such a performance (particularly small club settings). Would a regular guitar amp work? Is there an alternative aside from the amp Roland is selling? Would a bass amp/cabinet work?

    Just for grins (not because I wanted a serious live setup) I tried sending the TD-6 through a home theater system for grins...I noticed the output was pretty poor (even when sent through a mixer) and only marginally improved by using the Phones jack out instead of mixing the two Left and Right stereo channels. The resulting sound was ok, but the subwoofer still ignored the bottom end of the module (particularly noticeable in kits such as the 808)...

    Any ideas? =)
    Robert J Brennan
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    hey whats up---""DO NOT USE A GUITAR AMP"" you will blow the amp, I have recently seen a live performance with a small techno group using the td-6 and other roland equipment--she was using the ""jbl-EONs"" look into this speaker-they will run you aroung 800$ to 900$ for the pair.


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      I've use my V-Club live, many times, now. Small clubs, outdoors, etc.. Largest crowd was around 300, I guess. I use a Peavey KB-60 keyboard amp, and also run a line to the PA and stage monitors. Works great!


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        Have you looked at KC-series?

        Have you looked into Roland's KC-series keyboard amps. When I asked the same question (elsewhere) a few months ago the consistent answer I got back was the Roland KC-500 amp (150W, 4 input mixer, eq, stereo-chainable). It has the right frequency response for V-Drums and, so far, I think that it sounds GREAT!

        In fact, I am preparing to buy another to stereo chain them together. It should be adequate for medium-sized venues.

        Good Luck!


        BTW: They are always available on e-Bay -- check there first to save yourself some cash (I paid $315 and it's in perfect condition).
        Wil Frey
        [email protected]


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          Hi - having read all the advice in these forums I bought a Mackie SRM450 active monitor which works just fine on its own in small bars - English pub size that is! I send a bit through the PA in bigger venues - or use the Mackie just as a monitor if the hall is really big when we hire additional kit. The whole Band sounds more musical at lower volumes which were hard to sustain when I played my accoustic kit - so I'm a real convert to V-drums - as is the rest of the Band.

          I try to keep the amount of gear to a minimum and find the TD-6 (modified with a PD-80R/KD-80 and a PD7 for effects) is ideal. The pads/pedals/throne etc all fit into two Curver boxes (15 quid each at the DIY), and I have wired the leads to the frame as suggested in one of the forums here. With the Mackie and frame, I make four trips to/from the wagon for each gig - same as for the accoustics.

          I think you could easily go over the top on amplification - and it's very expensive. There are compromises to be made with V-drums but there are with accoustics too - especially in small venues where most kits end up being stifled to keep the volume down.

          Keep checking the forums here, I have never before found such a wealth of relevant information and advice from well sussed guys on any topic you can mention - try the search facility it really does work well.

          Hope this helps,