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FS DrumKAT turbo w/ stand, case, pedals, and more

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  • FS DrumKAT turbo w/ stand, case, pedals, and more

    I thought I would post this here first before going to eBay.

    DrumKat Turbo (used only a handful of times in my house, it still looks brand new)
    Hard case for DrumKat
    Stand made for DrumKat
    2 KF-1 pedals (for hands free configuration etc)
    1 TapKat pedal (a trigger pedal)
    Axis X pedal w/ EKit conversion (works great w/ the DrumKat).

    I'm asking $1400 for all of this (paid 2k for it all)

    I'd be willing to sell the Axis X E-pedal separately for $150.

    I was planning on using this along with the kick pedal and a cymbal mounted to the stand using NI's Battery but we never got any gigs.

    I'll post some pics on Tuesday when I get my camera back.