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FS in Australia - dbx119 and 10 band graphic

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  • FS in Australia - dbx119 and 10 band graphic

    Hi Everyone,

    A couple of items that I'm moving on that may be of interest to someone with a studio or even for live:

    1/ dbx119 Compressor / Expander
    - great analog device that expands up to 2:1 and compresses up to 5:1 (and more)
    - stereo RCA inputs and dual stereo RCA outputs

    2/ Marantz 10 band graphic equaliser
    - another analog device
    - stereo inputs and dual stereo outputs
    - tape / line selector, tape monitor and bypass switches

    I'm open to any offers on these.

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    n.b. add a Philips 17" LCD to that list

    Hi all,

    Forgot to add:

    A Philips 17" LCD also f/s in Australia.

    As new and cheap - make me an offer.


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      Just replied to you on my forum about the monitor Hercules