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FS: TD10/20/12 hard cases [UK ONLY]

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  • FS: TD10/20/12 hard cases [UK ONLY]

    I have for sale 3 hard cases. Standard black ones with orange handles, roland make. There is a Tall tom case (can carry 4 toms and a cymbal), a bass drum case (meant to carry 1 bass drum and 2 cymbals), but I got 2 KD-120's in it), and finally a Hardware/module case.

    Sensible offers, UK only. I can post pictures if theres interest.

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    Bass drum case? Any pics? I have a KD-120 that needs a case!
    TD9KX w/KD-120 kick, VH-11 HH, PD-125 snare, CY-8 crash, Gibralter double pedal :cool: