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FT: Brand New Paiste Sig Thin China

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  • FT: Brand New Paiste Sig Thin China

    I just bought a Paiste Signature 16" Thin China, played it for maybe 5 minutes, and decided that I didn't necessarily need it. There are a few things I need for my e-kit that I'd be willing to work out a trade for, and take a loss on my end. FYI I paid $260.00 for it. I'm looking for:
    - e-ride, 2 zone is fine
    - Hart Multipad
    - Kit Toys crashes, size isn't really an issue

    If anyone would like to talk about a trade, I can be reached at [email protected]. I also have Ebay feedback and a couple of folks on this board who will vouch for me. Thanks much...


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    Kris, shot ya an email!


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      Thanks tact, appreciated. Just to change the offer a bit, I'm going to hang onto the smaller china and instead am offering, again brand new and bought at the same time as the other, my 18" Paiste Signature Thin China. It's a little deeper in sound than the 16", more than I really need. Paid $306.00. BTW, the Paiste Sig series is really nice, I have the two china's, 16" & 18" Full Crashes, a 14" fast Crash and a 12" Splash, and their sound is just stellar. I want to have some e-cymbals for late night practice, but will keep the Paiste's for gigs.