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TD-12/TD-10 w/ V-Exp. on eBay

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  • TD-12/TD-10 w/ V-Exp. on eBay

    There's a RED TD-10 SESSIONS KIT with A NEW TD-12 MODULE on eBay.

    It also comes with two V-Expression packs - starts at $2,600. Available only in the U.S. (lower 48) and Canada.

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    Nice kit, but good luck to the seller with that high starting bid.


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      Hmmm.... that one picture is from a red v session i posted ...thats on craigslist......... the other day!
      www.myspace.com/tongueingrooveTd 20 Purple Fade V Session Cy15, 2x Cy14, Cy8, Asi+ Crown k2 amps, BBE max. Legion 15's, Madison 18 subs, Tama,Yamaha hardware.
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