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FS: rmp-5 and zildjian cymbal packs

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  • FS: rmp-5 and zildjian cymbal packs

    Up for sale...

    A barely used roland rmp-5 with power cord, manual, cd, original box. I have hooked this up to two chained kd-7 foot triggers and a cy-5 cymbal trigger. Everything works perfectly on it. Used ~ 1 month - light use only. $175

    Zildjian A Med pack: 14" newbeat hihats, 17" crash, 18" crash, 10" splash, 8" splash. This will come with canvas cymbal bag. New for $919.50 (without bag) on GC website. Selling here in good used condition all for $500.

    Zildjian A Custom pack: 13" hihats and 17" projection crash. Good condition $265 ($499.98 new)

    Zildjian Z custom ride 20": $165 ($299.95 new)

    Zildjian Oriental pack: 18" Oriental china trash and 11" trash splash: $175 (339.80 new)

    Thanks for looking. V
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    You still selling RPM-5?

    Would you ship to the UK?

    If so how much would it cost?

    Would you be prepared to say that it cost $50 even though I pay you $175 so that I avoid customs duty?



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      items for sale no longer

      All the above items have been sold.

      All the cymbals and rmp-5 are in others hands. I sold them to get a td-20 and its frickin awesome. Thanks for the interest. cheers V